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Louisy Joseph The Christians Tibz
Suarez Arno Santamaria Tina Arena
Collectif Métissé Isabelle Boulay Matt Pokora
Tal Patrick Fiori Anggun
Thomas Dutronc Baptiste Giabiconi Garou
Le Trottoir D'en Face Nicom Jeremie Clamme
Petit K Gia Baptiste Braman
Sofia Mestari Tom Frager Catherine Lara
Sorel Julie Zenatti Festival A Tue-tête Castres
Grace Natasha St Pier Florent Pagny
Hugues Aufray I Muvrini Eddy Mitchell
Zazie Ycare Bb Brunes
Hoshi Singuila William Balde
Miguel Angel Munoz Superbus Murray Head
Sébastien El Chato Jenifer Florent Mothe

The Christians

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 Born Again (From ‘The Christians ‘Sings & Strings’)
 RISE (from the album WE)

MG production : The Christians
Formed in Liverpool in the 80's, their debut double platinum album 'The Christians' was released in 1987 making No 2 in the album charts.
The 90's were filled with more success, the second album 'Colour' released in 1990 going to No 1 in the album charts, followed by 'Happy in Hell' in 1992 and 'The Best Of' album released in 1993.
Garry took a break from the band in the mid 90's to produce his first solo album 'Your Cool Mystery' in 1998 but was back touring and working on another album 'Prodigal Son' by 2003. Garry produced a second solo album 'How Does It Feel' in 2004 and by this time was the only original member of the group.
Fast forward to 2009, with a new line-up the fifth album 'Soul From Liverpool' was released followed by 'Speed of Life' in 2012 and their latest album 'We' released in 2015.

Described by one music critic as "The Temptations in ripped jeans" they continue to tour throughout the year and with their solid line-up of great talent, they are sounding as stunning as they they did 30 years ago.




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